Meat Roll – Pulpettun


400g minced beef
400g minced pork
4 slices of bread
200g onions
garlic cloves
3 eggs
60g grated cheese
chopped parsley
fresh sage


  • It is very important that the meat should be very finely minced and well-seasoned to ensure a perfect meat roll. Put the minced meat in a large mixing bowl. Soak the bread in the milk, drain well and add to the meat.
  • In a separate bowl lightly beat the eggs and add to the meat mixture. Add the grated cheese. The cheese used should be of the best quality like Grana Padano or Parmesan. Mix well. Add chopped garlic, sage and parsley.
  • Open a large piece of aluminum foil or stretch and seal. Put the meat in the middle lengthwise, not too thick or long. Roll in foil or stretch and seal for several times.
  • Seal well the edges and boil in plenty of boiling water for at least 90 minutes.
  • Cool for 10 minutes then drain off any excess liquid and turn out onto a serving plate. Cut into thick slices and serve warm with gravy or cold with salad.

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