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How to use TISJIR.COM

How do I search for a recipe?

You may search for a recipe by using Facebook’s search engine. You may also search in the recipes section of the website www.tisjir.com . Before starting cooking, read and understand the recipe carefully. Make sure that you have all the ingredients needed and tools available. 

Should you desire a recipe which is not available, send us a message on Facebook for more assistance? We strive to help everybody with new and interesting recipes.

How many people do your recipes serve?

Most of our recipes serve 4-5 persons. However, recipes for sweets, such as cakes, trifles, cheesecakes and gateaux generally serve more people. 

How do you calculate the amount of ingredients used?

The amount of every ingredient used in each recipe is established by the amount of food recommended for every person. It’s very important that you follow these amounts to avoid cooking large portions. Refer to the table Amount of Ingredients for more information.

Are there any recipe videos?

In the website you may find a number of interesting videos. They may be found in the section videos or the YouTube channel ANTON B. DOUGALL CHANNEL, using the followinglink:

Are there any cooking courses being held?

The Klabb tat-Tisjir organises a number of online courses throughout the year. The fee for these courses is kept to a minimum, and is used to cover the food and staff expenses.

To follow any courses are being held at the moment, browse to the section shop in the www.tisjir.com website. Most of our courses are held online and are six months long, except for a few seasonal courses.

How do I pay for the courses?

Browse to the website www.tisjir.com , chose your preferred course and pay safely using PayPal, credit card or Revolut.

How do I start following the courses?

Once we receive your payment, you will be sent a receipt and a link to access the course videos. If you do not receive the link within a few hours, send a message informing the administration. Make sure you keep the receipt so as soon as the payment is confirmed, we provide you access to the course videos.

It is NOT permissible to pass on the link to another person. Our system does not allow this and your link may be cancelled immediately.

How may I communicate with you?

If you wish to communicate with us, send us an email on anton@astoria.mt or drop a Facebook message.

Do you have any recipe books?

In the shop section there are a number of popular books written by Anton B. Dougall for sale. You can chose a book and pay on the same website. Books are mailed or hand delivered by our people.

We strive to deliver all books free of charge, but this is not always possible, especially to addresses in Gozo.

May I upload my own recipes?

In due course, our website will contain a section where you may upload your recipes and cooking photos. These will be uploaded by us after receiving them on anton@astoria.mt

May I like and share your videos?

Facebook LIKES and SHARES are very important to keep us going in making this website, popular, alive and active. So we do recommend that you LIKE and SHARE our posts and videos.

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